Bahar Jamshidi



Payroll, Bookkeeping & Training

  • We design an efficient accounting system customized for your business or individual need, aiming to save you valuable time and effort while enabling you to make informed and successful choices. By utilizing QuickBooks Online and other applications, we seamlessly integrate all the necessary components.


Planning, Preparation & Filing

  • We offer a wide range of tax assistance services, including the preparation of both personal and business tax returns. What sets us apart is our commitment to keeping you well-informed, maximizing all eligible deductions, and implementing a proactive tax-saving strategy.


Learning, Understanding, Improving Reports & Maximizing QuickBooks

  • We do more than just organize and update your bookkeeping. Our expertise in QuickBooks allows us to help business owners and individuals make the most out of the software. We provide valuable guidance in choosing the right QuickBooks version for your business and ensuring a smooth setup process. This involves tasks like creating or importing your company file and organizing your chart of accounts in a meticulous manner. By offering these essential services, we empower you to fully utilize the capabilities of QuickBooks and gain meaningful insights from your financial data.

Softwares we work with:

We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of technology

  • diligently selecting efficient software and apps to enhance our clients’ experience and maximize the efficiency of our work.

Who we work with:

We possess extensive experience serving clients across a broad spectrum of industries, including individuals and small businesses, finance, healthcare, technology, retail, manufacturing, professional services, and many others.